Rental Packages

BookAChook Rental Packages

Highly popular and successful in kindergartens, childcare centres, schools and nursing homes, as well as private homes in Melbourne, a BookAChook rental package is a fun and educational way to entertain young and old budding chook keepers.

Your BookAChook Rental Package includes:

  • The Poultry Penthouse (flat roofed coop)
  • Two gorgeous bantam Pekin hens
  • Enough feed and bedding for the rental period
  • Full set up and one-to-one introduction to chook keeping
  • BookAChook care instructions
  • BookAChook ‘ChookAssist’ support during the rental period

For those that fall in love by the end of your rental (and you will!) you receive a discount on the purchase of a sale package, equivalent to 30% of your rental fee.

Please note: the rental hens are not for sale, but you go to the top of the ‘chicklist’ for priority chicks as soon as they are available.

Rental Charges : Try our chooks for as long as you like!

  • I week   $60 (minimum fee)
  • 4 weeks  $180
  • 8 weeks  $330  (Or rent for as long as you like!)

Rental Delivery Fee and Bond apply to all rentals.

Please email your suburb to or a delivery/setup/collection quote.

Rental Policy:

  • The signing of a rental agreement guaranteeing maximum care according to instructions, and acknowledging renter’s liability for any damages to chooks and/or coop.
  • A bond to be paid prior/upon delivery, fully refundable upon conclusion of the rental period, on safe return of chooks and coop.


  • $100 for rental packages delivered by BookAChook
  • $250 for rental packages collected from BookAChook

Or I can hold a credit card number in lieu of an up-front bond payment.

Please note: A pickup requires a trailer or ute; the coop does not fit in a station wagon or SUV! Our preference is to deliver to you, so we can ensure correct set up.

Please email with your enquiry