Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I feed my chicks?

  • 0-8 weeks old: chick starter crumble (medicated to protect against coccidiosis)
  • 8-16 weeks old: pullet grower (medicated to protect against coccidiosis)
  • From about 8 weeks old you can offer small amounts of fresh kitchen scraps and treats such as grated carrot or apple mixed with yoghurt.
  • Fresh water every day

What do I feed adult hens?

  • 16 weeks+: layer crumble or pellets (preferably 17%protein)
  • Fresh water every day
  • Adults can have a small handful of seed/grain mix as a treat, however if they have unrestricted access to it they will just pick out their favorite bits (usually sunflower seeds) and waste the rest. This can result in an unbalanced diet and nutritional deficiencies, as well as attracting rodents, possums and birds (which can spread pests and disease). It is also wasteful and expensive!
  • Fresh kitchen scraps, garden greens and weeds

  • NO meat (yes they are carnivorous but it attracts rodents and can harbour dangerous bacteria when it goes off), raw onion, potato peel or citrus peel (they just won’t eat it) cheese or bread (they love it, but it can cause a blockage in their crop, and bread contains only about 10% protein, which is enough to affect laying if they eat too much of it. They can also get too fat which can make laying difficult. Think of it as lollies for chooks!)

More FAQ to come….