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Please understand that hatching only takes place during the breeding season, from September to March (approx), and that many factors influence successful hatching. 

Chook Sales:

Chook sales are limited to seasonal availability. The purchase of young birds encourages familiarity and trust, as you get used to each other more easily. Most of our birds are sold at 6-8 weeks old, so there are NOT usually older or point of lay hens available.

Poultry Package sales (coop and chicks etc) and Rental Package customers take priority, so there may be a wait for chook-only sales. I cannot predict accurately how long this will be.

We breed, sell and recommend Pekin bantams and Langshan bantams for suburban backyards. Pekins are fabulous for small spaces and small children, while the Langshans are excellent small size layers. They both have good temperaments for easy handling.


We recommend keeping a minimum of 3 hens. They are social animals, and if something should happen to one of them, you still have a pair, rather than a lonely stressed hen in need of a friend.

From 6 weeks old chicks are sold as guaranteed hens, so if your hen does turn out to be a boy in girl’s clothing, you are welcome to exchange him.

Our chicks are vaccinated against Mareks Disease at day old, wormed and treated to prevent lice and mites prior to sale.

Other varieties may be available occasionally – specializing in bantam (small) breeds. We do NOT recommend commercial breeds such as Hylines or ISA Browns for backyards. They will quickly trash your garden, require a high protein diet to do well, and usually only lay (and live) for a couple of years.

Cost: (subject to availability)

  • Chicks 1-2 weeks (unsexed) $15
  • Chicks 3-4 weeks (unsexed) $20
  • Hens 6-8 weeks (sexed) $38
  • Hens 8-12 weeks (sexed) $40
  • Hens 12-15 weeks (sexed) $45
  • Hens 15+ weeks/point of lay/mature $50

*prices subject to change without notice

Please note: We do not sell or recommend commercial layer breeds, as there are many other breeds better suited to backyard situations.

Fertile Eggs:

Fertile eggs may be available during the breeding season (September – March, approx), at $3.50/egg. We do not send through the post; collection in person only.

Please email with your enquiry.

Delivery is NOT usually available for chicks/chooks, unless it coincides with another package delivery.